About Us

Who We Are

Pueblo Partisans is a registered society, with certification in British Columbia, and is composed of service professionals and volunteers, whose primary goal is to promote community response to shared human aspirations while considering the specific relationships of communities to a larger society. More details are found in our Constitution.

Our projects, mostly centered in the indigenous rural community of Tanhoc, Guatemala (map PDF), train local community members to design, implement and evaluate programs that address food production, nutrition, health, education, income generation, human rights and retention of cultural identity.

Our projects have been funded by:

  • individual donors
  • private foundations: 

     - the Tula Foundation
     - the Roncalli International Foundation

We thank each one of our donors for their generous support.

What We Believe

In choosing the two words in our name PUEBLO PARTISANS, we give expression to our beliefs. We believe, in the first instance, that we have an obligation to make conscious and explicit our beliefs. Relationships between communities and Publo Partisans, in our view, are conditional on the distinctive experiences and value systems of the parties involved. Where experiences and value systems are articulated, informed contractual relationships between communities and PUEBLO PARTISANS can be achieved.

The Spanish word PUEBLO can be translated into English in several ways including "town" or "a constituent mass of people". In the latter sense, PUEBLO, like the Greek polis, implies a classless, participatory and socially just society. Thomas Jefferson espoused this concept when he wrote:

"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society, but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.”

PUEBLO PARTISANS' logo is a depiction of a Pueblo Indian settlement as an example of harmony between "people and place".

Pueblo Partisans logo

Our other word, PARTISANS, means to us, a group of people who make no claims of neutrality or objectivity, rather the group actively champions an idealistic point of view. PARTISANS have a collective stake in the outcome of their activities; they do not view themselves as helpers. PARTISANS work in solidarity with one another and frequently with those who are unable to participate actively.

PUEBLO PARTISANS believes that we live increasingly in a world in which most people are struggling not only for their physical survival but the survival of their identity. We do not see solutions to be those of streamlining mega-systems. Instead, we believe in facilitating culturally relevant local responses that factor in global trends.  Technologies in the form of knowledge and tools cannot be transferred across time and space. Imported technology must be mindfully selected and adapted by its users.

Inevitably, survival becomes an issue of governance and power. PUEBLO PARTISANS is prepared to countenance this reality. We are reminded of Daniel P. Moynihan's wise words:

"Only the innocent assume that the more persons who are involved in a process, the more democratic it is. Power gravitates to the special and the organized as against the general interest.”