A tree has been planted in honour of Liesa Jean Werner, 1958-2012. Read more.

The final ceremony to pay down the concessional loan was held in Tanhoc, on November 11, 2011. See story and photos.

United States

Pueblo Partisans Foundation is now a non-profit Washington corporation qualified as a 501(c)(3) charity for purposes of donations. Read more.


Volunteer nurses and nursing students, from the University of Victoria (BC), launch women’s health initiative, Mujeres en Café Guatemala. Read more.

Pueblo Partisans supports nursing students as they develop experience educating peers and the community about global health issues. Pueblo Partisans' Board Member, Katie Ringstad, is the fieldguide for fourth year University of Victoria nursing students enrolled in a leadership course. As a fieldguide for the nursing students, Katie and Pueblo Partisans are supporting the development of a fledging university club, Nursing Students without Borders. Upcoming events include community education on Violence against women, in commemoration with the International Day for Eradication of Violence against Women.

Nursing students from the University of Victoria carry out a Nursing Practicum in Tanhoc, Guatemala.

The work of Pueblo Partisans is now being supported in part by donations from the Tula Foundation.

Pueblo Partisans has acquired charitable status in Canada and is now incorporated in the Province of British Columbia.

A "Donate Now" button has been established to make denotations more easy to make, via the website. This service automatically e-mails a tax receipt to the donor.