Land Payment Goal Accomplished

We are pleased to announce that the goal of paying off the concessional loan for land, one part of the Tanhoc Projecthas been accomplished. Our original commitment to Tanhoc was to assist them in purchasing their land from the Guatemalan government. This was commemorated with the presentation of the final land payment to the Fondo de Tierras (FONTIERRAS; Guatemalan Land Fund), in a ceremony held on November 11, 2011. These payments, totaling Q. 176,247 (roughly $25,000 CND), had been made annually, for the past six years.

This was unequivocally confirmed by the head of Fondo de Tierras in Petén, who stated during the celebration marking the final land payment that, according to the Fondo de Tierras, “the land issue in Tanhoc, for us, is resolved”.

The significance of this project is that homeless, landless Mayan victims of the 36-year Guatemalan Civil War (1960-1996) now own their own land. This approach for buying back their land is a first of its kind in Guatemala, with Educational Credits tied to land acquisition. This is explained in the description of the Tanhoc Project.