Special Activities

Occasionally, the community of Tanhoc, with participation of staff from Pueblo Partisans, organizes special activities for their own and surrounding communities.  Below, is an example of one such activity.

Earth Day - April 2010

We initiated a discussion with the Public School teachers about Earth Day 2010, the week of April 4. Encouraged by the feedback and level of interest, Pueblo Partisans staff prepared a draft agenda and met twice to confirm the interest in a school and/or community celebration of Earth Day 2010 (April 22).

The goals of this Special Project were to: 

  • increase student and community understanding of the environment, 
  • increase interest and actions in the environment, 
  • initiate a working synergy with the public school and its four teachers (3 who commute and 1 resident of Tanhoc), and
  • engage the cooperative and it's working committees (Tierra, Education), along with the Youth Group, Pueblo Partisans students, and hopefully the community at large.

We were jointly successful in holding a day-long Earth Day event in Tanhoc that involved the entire school and community. Photos of the event can be seen here.

Following brief opening remarks about Earth Day, students began the activities. The week prior to Earth Day, used tires were collected and the Youth Group collected soil from the surrounding land. The tires were filled with the soil and 18 gardens were planted and will be maintained by the school groups. A communal compost system was also established at the site. All participants learned about seeding and plant care.

A teacher from another community then arranged a presentation "́Gender and Respect in the Home and Community”, with a drama, music and fun activities for the kids. The Tanhoc Education Committee then handed out hot Cereal, beverages and a watermelon snack. Finally, the Tanhoc Cooperative arranged for a home-lunch for the teachers and Pueblo Partisans staff.