Tanhoc Reforestation Project

The Tanhoc Reforestation Project celebrates lives by planting trees.  

A tree has been planted in honour of Liesa Jean Werner, 1958-2012. Liesa was a jewler by trade. The things that brought her joy in life, and joy to those around her, were her love for what the world had to offer. She wasn’t  a city person, but rather she loved being in a rural area where she could have a beautiful garden, flowers, trees, vegetables, her animals and room to roam. She enjoyed hard physical work, loved going the extra mile to make things beautiful, and loved wandering the beaches looking for gem stones. She loved people, talking with them to understand their lives. She also loved music, and played the piano, guitar and cello. She was an avid reader and Scrabble player. Liesa was mother to three girls, grandmother to four boys, a wonderful daughter and sister.