Scholarship Recipients in Tanhoc - 2009

Pueblo Partisans presented the recipients of its 2009 Scholarship (Becarios) Program. The granting of scholarships has been central to Pueblo Partisans’ development initiatives in Tanhoc. These awards facilitated access to education for those who would otherwise be unable to continue with formal studies. Furthermore, these scholarships played the important role of equipping the community with the skills necessary to build more equitable relationships with broader Guatemalan society.

Support for the scholarships by the Roncalli International Foundation is greatly appreciated.

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The three successful individuals were drawn from a diverse pool of applicants. Our recipients were chosen not only because of their potential as community leaders, but also because they each expressed a desire to take knowledge gained through the scholarship program back to the community.

These scholarships complemented nine scholarships for women (at the middle-school level) sponsored by the Congregation of the Precious Blood. As is the case with the Pueblo Partisans scholarships, these middle-school scholarships provided education opportunities that would not otherwise have been accessible.

The financial support of the Tula Foundation was instrumental in supporting Pueblo Partisans’ efforts to expand its initial work of community based education, leadership development and civic engagement with the Tanhoc Cooperative. The Tula Foundation funds supported the hiring of a teacher by and for the community. The hiring of a teacher was a new venture for the Tanhoc Cooperative, as they had never before been in the position of being able to interview and hire someone to work in their community.

The recent hiring of Eva Pop Caal, one of the teachers for Tanhoc, has provided a community of Guatemalan Civil War displaced Q’eqchi Maya the opportunity for civic engagement and pride around education for youth and adults.  Furthermore, cooperative members now have an essential community resource to support the study of middle-school math, science and social sciences. Middle-school credentials are a major barrier for entry of most Guatemalans to the work force and a key barrier to success for indigenous people in Guatemala’s Spanish-language dominated society.

Pueblo Partisans recognizes the participation of the Tula Foundation in supporting this 
scholarship program.

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The beneficiaries of the 2009 Scholarship Program were:

Henry Wenceslao Maquín Tzúl

At 19, Henry Maquín Tzúl is demonstrating his potential as a future leader through completion of a high school program in Business Administration. This experience has contributed to Mr. Maquín Tzúl’s goal of having Tanhoc recognized as a leader of sound community development. His vision for the community includes advances in fields as diverse as sustainable forestry and the successful marketing of local products in regional markets. He states, “My dream is to help create a new business, or to seek development opportunities that will benefit the community.”

tanhoc becarios 2008 henry tazul

                                                                   Henry Wenceslao Maquín Tzúl

Francisco Max Paquiul

Mr. Max Paquiul has, through his 15 years of work as a health promoter, demonstrated his motivation to facilitate his community’s well-being. This scholarship will allow Mr. Max Paquiul to obtain a high school diploma, the next step in his eventual goal of a career in nursing. Mr. Max Paquiul believes it important to have a properly trained health worker, with local knowledge, stationed in the community. His dream is to remain, “in my community, continuing to assist those who require assistance.” Mr. Max Paquiul is the father of five children.

tanhoc becarios 2008 francisco max paquiul

Francisco Max Paquiul

Ramona G. Max Xol

Ms. Max Xol, 18, is completing her final year of high school. While her studies have focused on accounting, she has an interest in studying nursing at the university level. The oldest of eight children, Ms. Max Xol would like to take her knowledge back to her community.

tanhoc becarios 2008 ramona g max xol

Ramona G. Max Xol

We congratulate these three beneficiaries, plus the runners-up, and wish them the best in their future activities.