Project Colegio Mixto MonteReal

Helping the Colegio Find a Permanent Home

Pueblo Partisans is excited to begin fundraising to help Colegio Mixto Monte Real purchase a permanent building for their school.

Pueblo Partisans supports educational initiatives that empower and develop capacity in people. In other words, we help people to help themselves. By fundraising to help purchase a permanent building for the Colegio, we can support the ongoing work in education at all levels that occurs in Colegio Mixto Monte Real.

Read a profile of two grade four students.

Colegio Mixto Monte Real is a private school in Mixco (Guatemala) that provides comprehensive quality education to children, youth and adults on every day of the week. The school hopes to promote social development in Guatemala by facilitating personal growth and capabilities in those attending.

Colegio Mixto Monte Real was brought about in 2009 on the initiative of Sister Sarah Mulligan of the congregation of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and Professor Maria Eugenia Ramirez Bran as a means to help families that cannot afford school fees for their children. The school seeks to meet the needs of students who do not thrive in the overburdened public school system. 

The school supports both the student and their family by providing educational opportunities to all of them, a multidimensional approach that addresses systemic issues of poverty.


                                                      Graduation day at the Colegio Mixto. 


                Student activities at the Colegio Mixto.                                 Graduation day at the Colegio Mixto.