Student Profile

Colegio Mixto Monte Real Student Profile: Thriving in Grade 4 Four

by Sister Sarah Mulligan

Maria de Los Angeles and Maria Del Rosario Saban Chuy are eleven years old and are in the fourth grade. There are seven family members living in their home (a brother who is in high school, their father and mother, and the parents of their father). They are up early each morning to get ready for school, which starts at 7 a.m. They then return home at 1 p.m. to do their lessons, and have a little time to play. 

After supper, they are off to bed early. On the weekends, they help milk the cows, and care for the chickens and other animals. They are studying in the colegio because they did not do well at all in their first year in the public school, where there were 40 plus students. Fortunately, they really enjoy the colegio and like to learn.

The two students are supported with a scholarship and have improved markedly in a smaller classroom, where they now receive special attention. Maria de Los Angeles dreams of being a teacher and helping other children. Maria Del Rosario wants to continue helping her grandmother and father care for their animals. They wish to share the messages that they hope for peace and want that all can have work and food.

Help us make their dreams come true to continue their education.


Fourth graders Maria de Los Angeles and Maria Del Rosario Suban Chuy, with their teacher (standing).